Luftdanza – Aerial Dance

Choreographies suspended in the air, dancers who fly and walk on the walls, a change of perspective for the eyes of the spectator, solos, duets, trios and quartets danced with the use of static ropes and bungees (Elastics), allow to create a magic and captivating effect when observing an aerial dance piece.

Luftdanza has an artistic quality in its choreographies that allows to adapt its choreographic pieces in different formats such as stage theater, Events or Galas, maintaining its artistic quality, as well as the design of exclusive events with specific requirements for each client.

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Abel Navarro/Luftdanza’s aerial dance work combines in its choreographies different musical styles and diverse movement languages some of which are typical of his country of origin, Argentina.
This combination results in a unique language, with humour, poetry, dance and magic moments.

Luftdanza’s choreographic works have been presented at different Dance Festivals and Galas in Marrocco, Germany, Italy, Belgien, Norway and Spain.



Luftdanza / Abel Navarro has been collaborating with diverse artist since 2008, beside the creation of his own aerial works, he participated in differents projects with international artist and choreographers.


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